EST. 1991


International Cosmetic Suppliers, Ltd. is a leading international provider of cosmetic and beauty packaging. With five offices around the world our global presence, proactive mix of technical ingenuity and proximity to factories in Asia has kept ICS at the forefront of the cosmetic packaging industry for 25 years.

Our Specialities

Client Service

Providing our clients exceptional service is our top priority and everything we do is done with our clients in mind. This means you can expect regular communication, weekly updates, detailed production guides and access to customer support seven days a week.

Design & Development

Our expertise lies in interpreting your packaging concepts and managing them throughout from design?to manufacture and delivery. Whether you need a new design or would like?to customize existing packaging we?can fulfil all your requirements.


Quality is the backbone of ICS and we?have developed our own extensive in-house quality assurance program?and supplier evaluation process to ensure that?our clients can be confident we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of products.


Based in Asia for over 25 years we have the expertise and local knowledge to identify the best?manufacturer for your project. Our close proximity to factory sources means we can provide hands-on on-site project management and quality control.

Contact Us

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