Biodegradable Packaging

Biodegradable Packaging

Announcing our newest innovation in environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging…our new, ICS exclusive Biodegradable Packaging!

100% Biodegradable and 100% Compostable ICS exclusive Biodegradable packaging is made from a versatile,?natural plant-derived material sustainably grown for industry. Biodegradable packaging is the future of eco-friendly packaging; not only can it be used for custom injected primary packaging, such as compacts, palettes, pots and sticks, but also custom injected packing materials, such as carton dividers, layer trays and other B2B shipment needs. Biodegradable packaging will biodegrade within 2 months of being placed in the ground, leaving zero residue!

As consumers are becoming continually aware of the environmental processes behind their cosmetics and cosmetic packaging they want to engage with brands that not only create good looking beauty products, but also have these brands be in line with their personal values and new eco-friendly habits.

ICS will work with you to design your own custom injected Biodegradable packaging or packing products,?available in a variety of colors, ideal for use with dry formulations. Biodegradable packaging can be decorated with embossed or debossed designs or print and printed with sustainable green inks for eco-friendly finish options. Be the change, go green, choose ICS Biodegradable packaging.

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